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Home Brew Kits

Home brew kits are the ideal way for a beer lover to create their own unique brews from the comfort of their own home. These kits are available in a wide variety, with some including many more components than others. However, for a first time brewmeister, most experts recommend starting out with a simple, basic set up.

For a novice, getting the right equipment from the get-go is essential to an enjoyable brewing experience, and most quality home brew kits come with all of the basics. These kits usually include the fermentation bucket, bottling bucket, airlock, hydrometer, and a detailed set of instructions. However, in most cases the brew kettle and bottling equipment are sold separately.

There are numerous sources from which home brew kits can be purchased. Many cities and towns across the country and fortunate enough to have access to a local brewer supply house, which can be very convenient for both purchasing equipment and asking questions. If, however, you do not have a local supplier, there are dozens of online options available as well.