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Brewing Equipment

For the most part, brewing equipment is relatively simple. However, the popularity of home brewing has resulted in a host of variations on these themes, and it is not unusual for a novice to be confused by the options. Fortunately, with just a little bit of research, one can usually find the right equipment for one's specific needs.

The most basic of all brewing equipment is the brew kettle. For many home brewers, a large 5-10 gallon stockpot will do the trick, but there are more specialized options for those that can afford them. The brew kettle is where the water, hops, and barley are cooked and is absolutely essential for brewing.

Of course, there are several other pieces of brewing equipment required for brewing a quality beer. However, for a novice it is often recommended that one purchase the basics in the form of a starter kit. These kits are generally prepackaged and include all the essential equipment needed. However, these kits can vary in their contents and price, so it is important to shop around before settling on one particular starter kit.